Plan Structure TWEET N Earn
Max. Job Work Per Month 10000
Amount Per Job Work $ 3 USD
Amount Per Follower $ 5 USD
Min. Payout Per Month $ 9000 USD
Max. Payout Per Month $ 30000 USD
Contract Period 12 Months

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You may hundred percent aware of about Twitter (www.twitter.com). Each day several thousand of people utilizing Twitter to create their messages, they discover many things, and share their innovative thinking with others. Presently people already turned to twitter to beneficial way to target to the businesses as well. From a normal local shop to big branded products, and services are using the twitter to promote their sales and services to worldwide people because it is easy for the business owner to do so on twitter.

Everyone is having a twitter account and he is connected with many people. You may never thought just TWEETING can bring bulk money to you, but it is true. You can simply pay your everyday used products expense. We are bringing you the online easiest and highly beneficial home work. In this, all you have to do is to, everyday tweet the contents, we offer this but you need to use your twitter account. For every tweet, you would be paid substantial money. One tweet is roughly taking two to three seconds only.

Away from this, you could even make more and more money, with the effective tools, which we offer to you. We would be offering you the software and necessary tools by using these you can do automated tweet’s even for round the clock, by all mean twenty-four hours, especially even when you sleep. Therefore, your earning would be continuously falling in your account. You need only twenty five thousands and more followers in your Twitter account and twenty five thousand likes on your facebook page.

You are paid even for number of the followers you receive.


  1. What really Twitter is?
    Twitter is a social media site, it has many networks, and it is free for all people. In where, several thousands of people share their views, innovative thinking, apart from this they do the promotion for product and service of a business. You could also make your own rigid account and follow as you wish others or let the others follow you once you permit them to follow you for your words.

  2. Is there any ceiling for the age, any qualification required to join?
    There is no ceiling for the age, and the qualification is fundamental surfing knowledge of the internet that is all, the above things are good enough to begin this beneficial tweet and earn program.

  3. How to begin with the beneficial Tweet and earn work order?
    To begin, first subscribe with us, once subscription is over, now log to my account section. In this place, you would have all the instructions to begin the work with other required tools for the job.

  4. Each day how much tweet I need to tweet?
    Every day you could do any number of tweets there is not fixed ceiling to this, more tweets bring more earnings to you.

  5. Who is going to give me the texts for the tweets ?
    We would offer with all the texts, which you need to tweet at the www.twitter.com  

  6. Could I utilize any software for twitting?
    Yeah, you are allowed to use the software.

  7. Could I utilize tweet base webs for doing the tweets?
    Yeah, you could use available websites, nevertheless we would be offering with the list of the best-automated tweet websites.

  8. How do the automated Tweet websites are working?
    You need to do the subscription on this auto Tweet websites. Now create your entire Tweet there and place auto placement for the tweets. In case, you set daily six am, that is all, your tweet will automatically would be posted on behalf of you on the Twitter at six am.

  9. Do my automated tweets be approved as fresh Tweets?
    Yeah, every Tweet would be accounted as fresh one and you would be paid for the same work you have done.

  10. How will you come to know how much tweets I have made?
    In My account section, you would be subscribed your twitter username for twitting- which enables us the total number of Tweets you have made for the day.

  11. How much money I get for doing tweet in www.twitter.com?
    For each tweets from your side, you would be paid three dollars US. Doing single Tweet would roughly go to consume time five seconds.

  12. In one month what is the highest amount of money I can earn from this program?
    Clearly understand you have no ceiling in your earning numbers. You are free to do unlimited Tweets let us speak for an example:-
    The beginning day you are posting two hundred tweets mean you get= SIX HUNDRED DOLARS OF US CURENCY.
    Once you set auto tweets approximately five websites mean, on the next day you could see two hundred x five and the total of = One thousand tweets and your income is THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS OF US CURENCY. Now you can understand the next day you are not working because of the automated tweet arrangement you made. Similarly, every day you can make THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS would be made from your work, this is without working. Therefore, at the end of the month your entire income would be as follow:-
    The beginning day tweets in total TWO hundred= Income SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS USD
    The total income would be = six hundred USD
    Future twenty-nine days of the month and with the support of the auto tweet sites TWO HUNDRED X TWENTY NINE = Five thousand eight hundred dollars of USD.
    Therefore, the income is = Five hundred and eighty USD + SEVENTEEN THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS USD =EIGHTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.
    In case, if you are tweeting five hundred numbers a day, and presenting the same in the auto tweets webs, your income would be amazing. There are thousands of auto tweet websites, are available to use, and the one hundred percent free software are available in the online sites.

  13. Do I get payment, if receive any followers?
    Yeah, receiving followers is a wonderful thing. For every follower you get in your account, you would be paid five USD in addition.

  14. Can I have plenty of accounts in twitter?
    Yeah why not, you can subscribe as many as you want. However, it is nice to follow their terms and conditions regarding multiple accounts.

  15. When I will receive my monthly payment?
    Each month between seventh to fifteen you would be paid for the before month you worked earnings ( between 1st to 30th) In case, the payment is not reached you, missing payment is made on twenty second of the month.

  16. What is the mode of payment I get?
    You would be paid as per the payment selection that you have already selected during the subscription. Nevertheless, at anytime you can switch over the payout mode in my account section.

  17. Any charge I need to pay for the subscription to the site?
    Yeah to begin the work, you have to pay a subscription charge of Fifty five USD. Once we receive the payment from you, the twitter job would be activated to you at once in, my account section. It would take only twenty-four hours to forty-eight hours to connect your account for us to the tweet job.


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