Plan Structure Executive Plan Professional Plan
Offer Price $ 50 USD
Maximum Ad Posting Per Month 6000 9000
Amount Per 10 Ad Posting $ 3 USD $ 4 USD
Amount Per Click $ 2 USD $ 3 USD
Amount Per Sale $ 5 USD $ 7 USD
Minimum Payout Per Month $ 900 USD $ 1200 USD
Maximum Payout Per Month $ 1800 USD $ 3600 USD


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Ad posting job, as the name informing everyone it is one hundred percent purely for posting ad-posting job nothing more about it. The motivating part is how our ad-posting job is much better than rest of the other ad jobs available on the online sites. We provide only an easy ad posting jobs and original ad posting jobs and our payments are more when it is compared with the other ad posting job providers in the websites. The flexibility in working hours is the special feature of our company.

Present days, there is many internet marketing companies like adbrite, adsense, azoogle, yahoo all, they are paying you when somebody clicks the ads or while buying the product, in the business sales or for the service.
Nevertheless, you can find total difference in our program; you are having a three ways income. We are offering three ways earning opportunities to our clients.

1. Receive money for every ad you post- Not a matter it is clicked or not clicked by someone.
2. Receive money for every click your posted ads. You are getting an additional income.
3. Receive money for each purchase made through your posted ads. You are getting an additional income.

Once we collect your money, we never ask you money again, from this you can understand there is no hidden charge is with our company. There is no order in our company. You would be paid for your efficient work. Keep it in mind, that you cannot post ad in the sub domain and for the same company, or more than a single website. You could create only one user id (email) for single month work. Further, post only on the registered websites; do not use the website, which is not registered by you. Now, we are connected with more than one million and more websites and the companies are marketing their advertisement campaigns with us. These companies are prepared to distribute bulk payment for their advertising program.

Earlier you read on the frequently asked questions, place it in the mind that, we would not ask you to join in the adwords or any other marketing, which you need to pay to begin your work with us. You need not have to pay after once and the registration is for the lifetime and the collected fee is for the same. You can begin your job, from graze.

Out of so many jobs, this is the best leisure job and we highly recommend this to each one. Present day, our seventy percent of the internet workers are doing this work and spending only one hour daily. They are receiving bulk clicks and purchases are created from their postings, which is fetching them additional revenue.

  1. Help me to understand what ad posting is?
    As the name informing, ad posting work is very easy where you need to do the posting of advertisement on the various classified websites, forums, blogs etc.

  2. What are the fundamental needs to begin this ad posting work?
    To begin this work, you need to posses the fundamental knowledge of online surfing, you must have an internet-connected computer or you could as well work from the internet café. This work is available globally and a person could work from any place and at anytime without fixed working hours.

  3. From which place I will receive ad content and list of the classifieds webs, forums and blogs?
    Once you finish your subscription to us, your account is activated, you could login to my account section freely, click ad-posting works under premium job headline and begin your work. The member’s location would have thousands of ad texts of the different companies, free classifieds webs, forums, and blogs. In our platform, you need not search anything; entire thing is in the membership area. Now, all you need to do is only begin the work at once.

  4. Is it mandatory to complete ad posting for all the ad text provided in the membership area?
    No not necessary any ad text and any free classified or forum or blog you can select of your own mind.

  5. Is there any time ceiling for every ad posting, what would be daily or monthly working load to receive money?
    There is no ceiling for time for ad posting, you could work at anytime you like to work, there is not any fixed time to work, and you can select your working hours. No limit in posting ads, you could post any numbers. We ensure only on whole work of the month made by you. Each month you need to do some low number of ads posting in order to receive money. The money is calculated as per the plan.
    For an executive plan-, you could post highest of SIX THOUSAND ADS IN THE MONTH
    For a professional plan-, you could post highest of NINE THOUSAND ADS IN THE MONTH

  6. What is the remuneration I get for every ad positing?
    For an executive plan: THREE DOLLARS FOR TEN AD POSTING. 
    Highest earning will be three dollars x ten ad postings = ONE THOUSAND AND EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS.
    Highest earning will be four dollars x ten ad posting = THREE THOUSAND AND SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS.

  7. The above income is for only ad posting or the member earns once the ad is clicked or it is paid only after a purchase from the ad?
    The mentioned payment is called as the regular income, as in the point seven on our site, this is only to posting ad into the free classified webs, blogs, forums etc. You would be paid for each ad placed by you on the site. It is not a matter; the advertisement is clicked or not by the visitor of the site, or any purchase is made from the posted Ad. 

  8. What happens when my posted ad got a click or any purchase is made from it, will I receive money for it?
    Yeah, do not worry; you are eligible for added income. This is overall, which plan you are subscribing to us.
    In case, your work under an executive plan, you would be paid two dollars per click and five dollars per purchase immediately.
    If you work under a professional plan, you would be paid three dollars per click and seven dollars per purchase at once.

  9. I want to know, how I get to know how clicks hit in my space, and purchase made in my page?
    To check all happenings with your posted ad, we have added coding in all your ads once you post. In the membership location, every day you could know which one of your ad has got a click, and where from the click received and the purchase made or not.
    You could as well see, how much money made per click and money generated in sale. Entire things are well arranged and it is being updated every seconds. You could see your present earnings in live at anytime.

  10. What happens, when I posted add, it has no clicks, it has no sales still will I receive income?Yeah! This is not a matter at all, if your ad is clicked or made sale, you will receive salary each month. In case, the income is made apart from the regular income, this will be your extra income.

  11. Any rough Idea, how much Additional Income I can made every month?
    From the general view of the other workers report, approximately daily you will receive ten to fifty clicks, it means around fifty dollars to two hundred dollars for clicks, and every day minimum two sales are made, which would be close to hundred dollars to five hundred dollars and more as per the plan. You could expect minimum of four thousand and more dollars extra monthly income from the beginning of the two months.
    Likewise, it all only depends on how much ad you have posted on the month. The more you work, more you get clicks, and more sales are made from your page.

  12. Do I need any perfection in ad posting, it is mandatory by the company?
    No, you would be already made ads, all you need to copy the ad, and paste it in the posting area.

  13. What would be the formality of working ad posting?
    The formality is quite easy, all you have to open any free classified, there you could see the option of post free ad. Now, click it, you can see the page is opening, where you need to place the ad text and just click post ad. It is very easy. In case, you utilize the software a single click all the ad posting form is automatically filled and it also submits automatically. It is only up to you how you work for this ad posting. To see things in real, just open the www.quickr.com, you would find the link post ads click the key, and try to post an advertisement. All the classified sites have only the very same placing ad formality.

  14. In a website how many ads I can post in one day?
    In one website, you could post highest of ten ads. The same ad must not be repeated on a single free classified site. As informed above points, you would receive thousands of ad contents and classifieds webs and forums. Therefore, it is better to place unique ads in various webs. Some of the webs, restricting the daily posting ceiling to arrest the spam.

  15. How you people going to know whether I posted an Ad or Not?
    Once you post every ad, you need to place the URL, in the reporting server of the company. More particulars on this, would be given under the instruction manual of the ad posting job, as we are not supposed to mention the particulars of the server here for the open view. Note, this job is very simple, and you can begin earning money in a microsecond. Once you are subscribed with us, the entire working tool you will receive in my account area, you need not have to search and find anything outside of our website.

  16. Is any money I need to pay for website before to post the ads in that website?
    No, as informed above you would get only free classifieds, forums, and blogs to post. You need not have to post ads on the paid websites for classified ads.

  17. When and how I would be paid for my work?
    The salaries are sent each month between seventh to fifteenth. If the worker on or before fifteenth of does not receive the payment for the work, missing payment is made on the twenty- second of the same month.
    The salary is sent as per the payout selections that you have already selected while subscribing on our site, check in My account section.

  18. Is there any account termination possibility for the ad workers?
    Your ad posting account is invalid due to the termination of the company only in the following conditions:-
    1 in case, you are not working for two continuous months.
    2 in case, you have posted ads on auto traffic, auto surf and auto click making websites.
    3 In case, you are not posting ad contents perfectly in the classifieds regularly.
    4. in case, you are posting adjusting the ad contents without informing the company or without our permission.
    5. in case, you are following the terms and conditions of the company and violating the rules of the company.

  19. Can I improve to upgrade or reduce my grade to lower grade after sometime?
    Yeah, you could do that. In case, you want to upgrade you have to pay the balance amount between the plan values. In case, you want to go down cadre, you will not get any refund money from the company, but you can go to the downgrade.

  20. All right, every doubt of mine is clear now, how to begin this gainful home job?
    Complete the online subscription form for ad posting work. Once the submission is over, you would be redirected towards paying page, in where you could make the subscription fees by using the credit card, debit card, paypal membership. The overseas customer who do not possess the credit card or pay pal account can make their payment using the western union. For further more details in this matter, please check the payment option section page.
    Once we receive the money from you, within twenty-four hours ad-posting job would be activated in my account section below the premium paid works. The complete instructions, list of the classified websites, ad texts, and your reporting page would be seen there on your allotted page to begin the work.


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