Plan Structure Starter Plan Master Plan
Offer Price $ 50 USD
Minimum Copy - Paste Per Month to be done 3000 3000
Maximum Copy - Paste Per Month to be done 15000 20000
Amount Per 100 Copy Paste $ 10 USD $ 15 USD
Minimum Payout Per Month $ 300 USD $ 450 USD
Maximum Payout Per Month $ 1500 USD $ 3000 USD
Contract Period 12 Months 12 Months

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Copy-paste jobs are in the name it indicates; they are just copying and pasting jobs only by nature. You need to copy the materials (text matters only, no images or any complicated contents) they are just plain texts, and copy them on the site that is your entire job to earn money.

You would be provided entire database details, from where you need to copy the text matter required for pasting. It is not time sucking job at all, like this you need to us up time some hours in searching the text. With just one click, in microseconds text matter would be in front side of you. Just copy them, and paste it on our server respectively.

The text matter may be from one line to ten lines or even fifty lines. Nevertheless, it is not a matter because all you need to do is to just copy and paste it in the right place. Therefore, it is not a matter how lengthy is the text matter is before you. For your comfort, we would like to inform, you that is not going to be hard work, no time sucking, and nothing as MLM, or any network-marketing program. This is one hundred percent lawful work; you receive what you read on our site. 

  1. Can I know what copy-paste job Is?
    The copy and paste job as the name is informing everyone, it is just copying something (text) and pasting in the area. You need to copy the text matter from the database of our site and paste on the server where it is need to be pasted that is your entire job. Nothing more or less you need to do in this job. You would not be directed to any similar work as MLM, Network Marketing, chain marketing scheme no need to spend your precious time here in the job.

  2. Do I required to be specialist to join this copy-paste work?
    No need at all. All you have to know only two things, ctrl+c means to copy and ctrl+v means pasting. Only these two things are important in this work not much to think about the job.

  3. Is any age ceiling is there or any type of fundamental needs to begin this work?
    There is no age ceiling for this particular job. Nevertheless, the applicant below eighteen years can receive their money in their parent’s name. Only thing, you must possess the fundamental online knowledge, opening a website and surfing knowledge that is all about the job nothing more in it.

  4. What approximately I need to do this copy-paste job?
    You would receive contents in the form of keywords or some phrases (which means the combinations of three to five words) overall, you need to place these keywords in the right place inside our database and with one click, within microseconds you would receive the success in your job. Just copying the text matter and pasting inside the server box is your job. Just you need to open the database, copy the required things with the help of your keyboard from a place and paste the same thing in the server box and finally click to submit. Each thing would be offered to you from our company side.

  5. Will it be a longtime duration for finding the matter from the database?
    As informed above page, it would not consume more than one microsecond. Therefore, no need to worry, as if you need to wait for the longtime in finding the matter.

  6. Where I could search the database for copy paste work?
    The working instruction particulars and the database would be given only to the subscribed clients to their e-mail address not for, nonmembers.

  7. What happens, in case I do entire work, how can receive new works to do ?
    On our server we update the database every moment, with the fresh copy paste works, therefore there is nothing to bother as if there is a shortage for work.

  8. In a month how many copy paste works I should do every day on the month?
    We are not at all bothered with your every day work. Nevertheless, in one month minimum lowest work you have to do of one hundred copy-paste works/a day on the beginner pack, and a lowest of hundred copy paste works /day under the master plan of the company on the routine to receive your payment. It is only without workload to you. The reason is we keep only small requirement of the work from you, and this makes each one to receive their money, even if they are not spending more time, and spending only thirty minutes a day for their earning money.

  9. In a month, what is the maximum numbers of copy paste work I could do particularly in a month?
    Without conditions from our side, you can do copy paste work any number. Nevertheless, in a month you can do the maximum numbers only six thousand (this is under beginner plan) if not nine thousands (this is under master plan) the work and payment schedules are only subject to the plan you select to work on our company.
    For further details, please go through our working plans and the spreadsheet for the payments for the above working plans.
    What is the remuneration I would be paid for every copy-paste work?
    Beginner: For hundred copy paste works, you would receive ten dollars/day. This mean the lowest income will be three hundred dollars. For an instance, hundred-copy paste@ you would receive US fifteen dollars/day. This is giving meaning the highest income would be ten thousand US dollars.
    Master: for copying and pasting, you would receive US dollars fifteen/day. This gives meaning the lowest income would be four hundred fifty USD. For an instance hundred-copy paste works, you would receive @fifteen dollars USD. Highest income would be Twenty thousand dollars USD.

  10. What are the various types of job Plans Company has?
    We have programmed two types of work plans. You could choose the one as according to your requirements. The plans are made according to the working paten of part time and for the fulltime work; you can decide your working paten.
    Subscribing Fees
    Beginner : $ forty dollars USD
    Master    : $ Fifty dollars USD

  11. I wanna know whether my copy paste which I did is valid or invalid and how I receive the payment?
    Once you complete your one work, the live URL of the previous job. You need to collect the entire live URL and send us with your reporting sheet; we would be able to know about your wok.

  12. Is it mandatory to do the copy paste for all the works I receive like keywords and phrases?
    No it is not a mandatory, you could start your copy paste on any portion of work or the keyword or the phrases from our database. You would receive several thousands of queries, (keywords and phrases) from our site to work with, of your own choice.

  13. Is there the company maintains any type of accurate maintenance?
    Not accurate work is needed to us. The spell checks no need for us, because you are only copying and pasting and doing our work.

  14. What would be my work load for a month in the copy paste work?
    Workload is not applied in our jobs, the more time you do the job, you would be honored. Nevertheless to get your salary, each month you need to present three thousand copy paste’s works. (hundred numbers of copy paste in a day we expect) It is not a mandatory for you to work each day. You could do the work and complete even in five working days as well, because it is very simple work. After that, you could get more tasks as well. We need hard workers more.

  15. What is the length or the size of the copy paste job?
    We are accepting the work made by you, if the copy paste is made for one line or for the forty lines, they are only text matters, therefore you would receive only the same money for one to forty lines, we ask you to paste maximum of fifty lines.

  16. Could I change my work by editing the copy past work after sometime?
    Yeah! You could edit/change the work after getting in to the members location at anytime.

  17. What is the time duration it would take that my job is accepted or not?
    We accept all the copy paste works, unless and until if you are not posting the wrong contents in our required pages.

  18. In what way my work faces rejections?

    1. In case, you are posting the wrong text content, which is not concerned with the keyword or query provided to you, in such case the job is rejected by us.
    2. In case, if you do the duplication work in copy paste work, overall, the repetition in the work is not accepted and the work is rejected.
    3. In case, you are not following our terms and conditions and violating the rules mean your account would be disabled.
    4. In case, if you posting something abnormal to the society or any bad words, regarding the query or in the keyword, your account is disabled at once.
    5. If you were not presenting the lowest requirement of work to the company in copy paste numbers for two continuous months your account would be terminated.


  19. In what way I will receive my monthly salary?
    You will be receiving your salary as according to the payout system that you have already selected once you subscribe for our job below my account section. We pay by bank transfer/alert pay/money broker/ paypal/ city bank cheque/ western union/ money gram etc.

  20. What would be the payment circle to receive money?
    The salaries are sent each month between seventh to fifteenth, for before the month work. Missing payment is sent on twenty second of the month; at times, this happens not regularly.

  21. Why I need to pay the subscription fees to the company?
    This subscription fee is for the twelve months contractual time. You need not pay any money during the contract ending time. The subscription fee is included for administration charges, service charges,  for which you work, the maintenance of the account charges and for the live support which is offered while working for us. It as well including all the correspondence fees in which the documents are sent via post or courier to your given address.
    Apart from this, we could not offer our access of the dedicated servers to anyone as spam working persons. Nevertheless, we are planning likely to refund the registration fee to the workers who are working regularly for three complete months.

  22. I understand the copy paste seems to be easy, why the company pays more money?
    Plenty of people are asking the very same question. We are posting the answer only here. Online has shifted to marketing way in promoting, and ranking the site of all the way. You must have to do only single time copy paste work; however, in the server on where you are doing the work has wide numbers of write-ups that is connected to various companies in their database.
    One copy paste, work is providing more than ten types of advantages to the respective company like marketing of their products, promoting their products, the services and increasing their sites in best place in ranking. Nevertheless, while doing the job, you would not be able to understand all these things, as it going background for the work you do. The companies receive much advantage just for the reason of working for them, the connection, which is pasted by you on our server increasing their product high range marketing and front ranking on the search engines. That is the only reason we are paying more money to the workers.

  23. All right, I am eager to do this copy paste work, what is the formality to go ahead?
    Wise decision and great of you! To begin in this beautiful and beneficial work, all you have to do is to first complete the online subscription form. Now, select the right working plan, after presenting the form you would get the success page before the screen. Where in, you could make the subscription fee utilizing the credit card, or paypal. If you do not have the credit card, or paypal account membership, you can even make the payment through the western union. 
    Once we receive and get the confirmation of your payment, within twenty-four hours you get the access to do the job. Now check in my account section below the premium paid jobs list. You would get an activated mail from our office. If you have any difficulty, we kindly request you to utilize our contact us page and permanently have your account ID. (which you would receive after the subscription on our site) you use any email does not matter receive fast reply from us.


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