Plan Structure 15 Days Job Work 20 Days Job work 25 Days Job Work 30 Days Job Work
Offer Price $ 60 USD 
Offer Price $ 80 USD 
Offer Price $ 100 USD 
Mistakes Allowed 5 5 8 8
Time Duration 15 20 25 30
Minimum Accuracy Required 90% 90% 85% 85%
Amount Per 2 Page $ 1 USD $ 1 USD $ 2 USD $ 3 USD
Min.Payout Amount $ 750 USD $ 1000 USD $ 2500 USD $ 4500 USD
Max.Payout Amount $ 7500 USD $ 10000 USD $ 12500 USD $ 20000 USD
Contract Period 24 Months 24 Months 24 Months 24 Months

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Offline data entry is the right combination for your data entry requirements. Present day there are many world businesses like hiring their offline data entry works from various data entry service offering companies. This is one out of the best home jobs for people who are wishing to do work from their homes, and earn comfortable income. Once you join the program, you would be your boss and set up work time according to your likes. In general, it is difficult to find a lawful work from home jobs. Therefore, this company resumed our company to offer employment to skilled people who have typing knowledge and pace in their working style and especially who are willing to earn money with their hard and efficient work skill. We are connected with many companies and have obtained orders for data conversation works. This is a genuine work and not something like become rich, faster scheme.  We offer you with the best of bests data entry work at home program. We are focused to only for data entry work. You could earn a better income from this data entry works.

  1. Is any kind of special skill needed to work?
    Yeah, qualifications are needed like typing speed of minimum thirty to fifty words per minute therefore, you can work faster. The basic computer knowledge like MS-office, windows and online is other required qualifications are downloading job files that roughly takes fifteen minutes.

  2. What would be the nature of job?
    We would be offering you image files (JPEG), that you are required to change in MS-word file by typing manually on the computer keyboard.

  3. What is the text exactly to do the typing job?
    The time is most important and costly for each one, the companies understand this well, they are not interested to waste time in creating impossible images. The work is very easy, just with the contents. Therefore, you could type the work and present it faster.

  4. What is the level of perfection needed for receiving salary?
    Payment process differs from every plan that we have in the company.

  5. Could I use any software for this job?
    No, you are not permitted to use any software for image file conversation to MS-word file work. If we catch anyone, we will terminate him or her immediately. It is because once the software is used the file codes are not viewable to us. As well, these files would be immediately rejected by the company base systems.

  6. When will I know about my eligible work for payment and the report I get for completed jobs?
    Once you present your work within seven to ten days you will get eligible work report to your given e mail address subsequently the payment for the work would be sent to your address as cheque, bank transfer, Paypal or as according to the payout plan you have selected while subscribing. However, you could easily change the payout plan at anytime by logging into my account section and clicking the change plan button. 

  7. What happens if I fail to complete my assigned job?
    Once you are failing in submitting the job, you would not receive the next job and there is no second chance will be offered, you would not be able to receive payment and further work. Nevertheless, in a few cases we offer additional days to clients to complete the job.

  8. How company pays me for the completed work?

    The company is paying regularly payment in the below methods:-

    1. Indian workers: Would be paid either by transferring of funds to their bank account directly or Pay pal, cheque, or demand draft.
    2. International workers- would be paid either in wire transfer to their bank account directly, or western union/ money gram, cheque or paypal
    3. The payments are sent according to the selection of the plans during subscribing to our site.


  9. When shall I receive the payment from the company?
    The entire payments are sent within seven days of your work completion. In case, you have taken the plan of one of fifteen days for an instance on 1st January two thousand and ten, and you have completed on fifteenth of the month, than on before twenty second January two thousand and ten years you would receive your salary. Nevertheless, delay takes place, it is due to postal delay, or any national holiday based on the country. We release all payments by priority basis.

  10. Do company is deducting any tax money?
    No never! We are not deducting any type of tax. We are not taking care of any type of tax, that may applicable to you. It is your own responsible to consult your local country accountant or government tax department regarding any tax applicable for your earnings from our company.

  11. Do the company helps me any guideline on how to do the work?
    Yeah of course, we are providing systematic training, guidelines to work. We are further providing the complete details of the page arrangement in MS Word, like arranging margin, indents, fonts selection, size, which are mandatory to work.

  12. How long the subscription fee is valid for?
    The subscription fee is valid for twenty-four months contract duration.

  13. Once I submit my work, then when I would get next work and payment for the worked job? 
    Once you upload your work to us, within this time, or before as according to the plan, within seven working days you would get the next work, and your salary. Saturday, Sunday and other holidays are not mentioned in database.

  14. What happens after I submit my work within the assigned time limit?
    In case, you submit your work in five days or in fifteen days, you have to calculate the duration of time as according to the plan seven to ten days after for our checking and reporting service.

  15. Yeah! I am eager to join to do this offline data entry job, what is the next process?
    Well! Kindly fill up the subscription from now select the plan in which you are interested pay the payment.  After receiving the payment for the job mentioned by you, work would be given and it would be activated to work within twenty-four hours to forty-eight hours. You would get activation e-mail from our company; ensure you are checking the mail in bulk/junk/spam mailbox as well. Once the activation is made to you, kindly log to my account section and the premium jobs or your selected plan job heading, click only the offline data entry button. You can see all the instructions, videos, setting the page and the files to be worked by you.  You can see the work files are ready to download on your equipment. You can as well pay your subscription charge by using credit card, paypal, net banking and the debit card.

  16. After subscribing money how I would get my job to work?
    After paying the subscription fee, within twenty-four to forty-eight hours we would send the work order to work on your e-mail id.

  17. When shall I receive my work for the payment?
    It is uncomplicated, once we receive your application, within twenty-four hours to forty-eight hours work order would be activated in my account section. Once you complete your work, you need to e-mail your work to us, on the provided e-mail id in my account section. End of that, your data would be checked and you would be sent report through your email address, you will receive payment for the payment eligible work done by you, as well as we send the works again to work for the payment.

  18. How much time will it going to take for downloading my work files?
    To bank your time, we have divided the work files into different parts. Each part around two minutes it takes to download. You can work on the part one during this time; you can let other file to get download in your device.  

  19. What kind of file format sent to me for downloading in my equipment?
    The entire files would be sent in JPEG files, in the zip format only. All you have to do is to unzip files and the files would be saved according to your option. This JPEG/.jpg could open on any device using the winzip file.

  20. Can I have my work in the Compact Disc format? It is easy for me? 
    Before some time, we used to send the work only through the CD, however we, workers both have faced many problems like postal and courier service late in sending and receiving the work, CD is damaged, in transport. At times error while playing the CD, therefore, now we place the files on server without any virus, which a worker could download in no minute, at the same time now you do not have to wait for the post and face any difficult, now there is no damage to work files, error free. This is the final reason why we have stopped assigning work through the CD format.

  21. When I need to stop the work for a few days, can I stop? Is it Permitted?
    Yeah our company permits it; you have to inform us, well in advance before starting the next assignment.

  22. Can I apply for this job, because I am not located in US, UK, Canada or India?
    The work is open to all and for the global people. You can apply to the job from any part of the globe can work in any nation; it is not the matter at all. We welcome all customers from all around the world.
    I am global customer, I am eager in joining in this offline work, but I do not own a credit card or paypal account to pay the payments. Is there any alternate for me to pay the payment for the subscription fees?

    Yeah, you could still send us the subscription money to our company by using western union (www.westernunion.com) to understand various alternates in clear, check our payment option section>>
    In case, I have any doubt where shall I have to speak?

    Any kind of questions, you can ask us, by using our contact us page. Understand well, you are asking a question, which is not answered in our website. As we receive more than two thousand and more mails, it is hard for us to reply in right time, and the delay is unavoidable up to forty-eight hours. Therefore, we are requesting you to ask only a question which is not asked by anyone of the customers before to you.



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